We make software. Secure.

mgm security partners provides the entire spectrum of web application security services. We advise on all issues related to the security of web applications and mobile apps, perform penetration tests, carry out code analysis and develop security solutions.

Why should you work with mgm sp?

We run web application security from a software development perspective.

Over 10 years of experience from some 1,000 security analyses and penetration tests.

We bring an understanding of the process security and quality assurance side of application security to the table.

Security analysis by means of simulated attacks and an external analysis of the behaviour of the application.
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Workshops lay down the foundations for long-term security in the early phase of a software project.
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Security by analysing the interaction of client, server and communication.
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The use of manual and tool-supported, as well as fully automatic, inspection to identify vulnerabilities directly in the code.
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We pass on our specialist knowledge to software developers, security personnel and managers.
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From the introduction of a software security strategy to the integration of security tests into deployment processes.
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News from the world of web application security.

We use our blog to regularly report on new tools, vulnerabilities and noteworthy developments in web application security.