Application Security

Application security provides processes and solutions to protect distributed applications – web applications, mobile apps, web services – from attacks, infiltrators and improper use.

As a software company, mgm security partners GmbH specialised at an early stage in the security of web applications. The range of services we offer covers all security concerns that could arise during the conceptual design, development, testing and operation of web applications.

Up to now, the majority of web applications have had no security on the internet. A company’s IT infrastructure is protected by a firewall – or at least we believe it is – but we overlook the fact that this firewall has a large hole in it at port 80 or 443. This ignorance of the risks on the operator’s side currently makes it very easy for fraudsters, hackers and saboteurs to gain access to applications, access sensitive data or deceive other users with fraudulent intent – precisely through this “door”.


This continues to be by far the most widely used method for testing security

  • Easily performed, even on a productive system
  • There are virtually no preparation costs

The benefits

  • We test carefully, yet efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Informative result reports, which also identify best practices for solving any problems identified

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Manually or tool-supported to achieve comprehensive and lasting security

  • Guides the developers to the root of the problem
  • Suitable for use during the development phase

The benefits

  • Our reports contain no false positives
  • We utilise the best tools available on the market
  • As software developers, we always deal with your development team on an equal footing

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A company’s own apps present a significantly greater risk than is commonly thought

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Investigation of specific threat scenarios

The benefits

  • Can be tested simply and cost-effectively with our tools
  • We analyse the app, communication and server-side web application

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Proactive Security

The most long-lasting and effective measure for “built-in” security

  • From awareness training to technically detailed training and management issues
  • Individually tailored to developers, security officers and personnel responsible for the functional application design

The benefits

  • Learn from experts in their respective field
  • 10 years of experience, constantly updated

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Advance your software projects from the outset the ‘secure’ way

  • The foundation for “built-in” security can be laid at the earliest design phase
  • Helps to ideally implement the results of a security analysis

The benefits

  • Our security experts are experienced software architects
  • Enhanced by our extensive training materials

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A key cornerstone for secure programming

  • Coding guidelines need to be tailored to the respective project environment to gain acceptance
  • Security libraries enable you to incorporate the knowledge and expertise of the professionals in your application

The benefits

  • We draw from a huge pool
  • We help to avoid wrong decisions in the selection of security libraries

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Only an integrated approach leads to stable security

  • Production of security roadmaps
  • Establishment of security initiatives (e.g. based on the OpenSAMM model)
  • Integration of security tests into the deployment process

The benefits

  • Professional consulting from over 10 years of experience
  • We see the big picture when it comes to all security aspects, approaches and measures at an application level

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Provides the foundation for the systematic handling of risks

  • Ensures that security requirements are reflected in the functional concept…
  • …and can be systematically implemented by developers.

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