Docker Security

Compared to traditional virtualization technologies, containers are light weight and flexible, which is why they are becoming more and more popular worldwide in the area of DevOps.

A Docker container is …

  • … atomic
  • … task orientated
  • … isolated
  • … reproducible.

We assist you:

The examination of a Docker system includes the following components:

  • Docker images – Do they contain vulnerable components? Can the content be trusted? Are secrets exposed?
  • Docker registry – Where are the images stored?
  • Docker runtime/container – How secure is the configuration of the running container?
  • Docker host and configuration – Docker is only as secure as the underlying host! Has that host been sufficiently hardened? What about the Docker configuration?

You want to make sure, that all aforementioned aspects of your environment conform to the current security standards? Our team is happy to perform an extensive analysis for you!

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