New Can I Trust Test Case: Browser returns secret out of pre-cached response in a CORS-Request

Nov 13, 2020

A new Can I Trust Test Case ist available.

This time the topic is the following: 

If a browser does not retrieve a Cache-Control-Header after an authenticated request against an API, which subsequently serves a secret content, does the browser serves the cached secret content if a foreign website queries the same API again without authenticating again? Does this work even Cross-Domain?

You will find the answer under:

What is

Browsers nowadays have a lot of built-in security features to help make the web more safe by default. Although this is a great thing, unfortunately, different browsers implement these features slightly different than other browsers. And sometimes, the implementations also differ from browser version to browser version.

This is where comes to the rescue. Inspired by the great, we built an environment to test all those different security features. This web site makes the results available.

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