mgm sp @ Heise DevSec

Sep 4, 2019

With the topic “How practical is DevSecOps really? – A field report” our colleague Maximiliane Zirm is present at this year’s Heise devSec. 

DevOps describes the principle of bringing together two teams that actually work separately within the framework of agile software development. The aim is to improve quality and, above all, speed up delivery. Security is often left out of the equation. This is taken up in the DevSecOps concept and expanded by the security team. But does this also work in practice? 

In our (German) presentation we share our many years of experience from a large, highly agile project. We show our successes, but also our mistakes in the area of DevSecOps. These lessons learned help those responsible to recognize problems early on and to prevent them with the help of best practices.

Further details and tickets can be found on the official conference website (German).

mgm sp @ Heise DevSec

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