Our Team in Vietnam

Jul 25, 2019

Our sister company, mgm technology partners Vietnam, was founded in 2015. Today 110 software specialists work in Da Nang for German clients.

Our Team in Vietnam

In January 2018 we started to build up a security team at this location. Since the beginning of this year, the colleagues have been fully operational and not only support our German team, but also serve customers worldwide.

Employees who join mgm have successfully completed a demanding recruitment procedure. In addition, they participate in a 3-month intensive advanced English training course.

Our Team in Vietnam

In the security area, only applicants who have either already worked in security or have intensively dealt with IT security in addition to their studies will be considered.

All newcomers undergo the same training programme as their German colleagues.

Our Vietnamese colleagues are divided into two offices located close to each other. A colonial-style villa with 40 workplaces and a self-built 6-storey office building with 120 workplaces. The offices are connected via a dedicated line to the mgm network. The technical standard (server, laptops, internet, network technology, communication possibilities) is as good as that of the German offices.

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