The Big Application Security Penetration Testing FAQ for Clients

Aug 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered what a pentest is exactly, how such a test works or what is needed for it?

Unfortunately, many of these questions cannot be answered quickly in 1-2 sentences.

“Where can I find all the information I need to do this?” you may ask. Very simple: Here! The Big Application Security Penetration Test FAQ For Clients.

We have compiled a collection of questions from all our years of experience. This contains everything you should know before, during and after commissioning an Application Security Penetration Test. Here you will find questions such as: “What is this, a vulnerability?“, “Do you find all vulnerabilities with a pentest?” or “How often should a pentest take place?

Our FAQ is of course regularly updated and extended. 

The Big Application Security Penetration Testing FAQ for Clients


You have more questions or want to order a pentest? Contact us now! 

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