Tool Tuesday – sqlmap

Oct 22, 2019

Is your web application vulnerable to SQL Injection? With sqlmap you can test it.

First things first: A SQL Injection is a vulnerability in a web application that allows SQL commands to be sent to the database because the web application has not implemented appropriate countermeasures. More information can be found at: If you find evidence of such a vulnerability, you can use sqlmap to accurately verify the vulnerability.

sqlmap is a commandline tool for automated checking for SQL injections. This tool provides a wealth of options. sqlmap uses all known techniques to detect SQL injection, like Boolean-based, Time-based, Error-based, UNION-based and Stacked queries. The aggression with which sqlmap proceeds can also be set to control the impact on network traffic.

If a vulnerability is detected, sqlmap can also be used to exploit this vulnerability. The tool is able to detect the used database  systems, extract single tables or create an dump of the complete database. In some cases it is also possible to get a shell to the operating system of the database server.

More information can be found at:


Tool Tuesday - sqlmap


Are you not sure whether SQL Injections are possible in your application? Please feel free to contact us!

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