OWASP Top 10 Overview

One of the most important basics for “lived” security is the creation of awareness for threats in IT security. This training enables participants to better identify and assess threats on the web and to reflect more effectively and profoundly about the appropriate measures.

Our compact OWASP Top 10 Training is intended as an introduction to the right approach to Web Application Security. Only those who know the threats and assess them are able to draw the right conclusions. In this short training, we demonstrate how attackers proceed and how the most common web application flaws are exploited. We examine particularly spectacular cases that have become known for their relevance to your own environment. Instead of “inflating” exotic cases, real threats in the context of the respective company or sector are explored. Finally, we will cover pragmatic solutions and modern procedures procedures for web security.

Due to many years of individual hands-on experience, our trainers provide a high level of credibility when it comes to presenting reality-based threats.


  • OWASP Top 10
    1. Broken Access Control
    2. Cryptographic Failures
    3. Injection
    4. Insecure Design
    5. Security Misconfiguration
    6. Vulnerable and Outdated Components
    7. Identification and Authentication Failures
    8. Software and Data Integrity Failures
    9. Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
    10. Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

Target Audience

  • Decision Maker
  • Project managers
  • Software architects
  • Software developer
  • Security representatives


half a day to a full day




OWASP Top 10 Overview Dr. Benjamin Kellermann
Experienced penetration tester and IT security consultant
OWASP Top 10 Overview Björn Kirschner
Experienced penetration tester and IT security consultant
Reinhard Böhme photo Reinhard Böhme
Experienced penetration tester in web and infrastructure

Our training courses are aimed at companies and organisations. A training course can be economical with just three or more participants. The trainings take place at your premises or is organised by us in your desired environment.

OWASP Top 10 Overview

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