Security Architecture Workshops

The Security Architecture Workshop provides the most effective and, at the same time, cost-effective measure for rooting security deep in your application.

The foundation for the inherent and lasting security of an application is laid down at the design phase. Nevertheless, it is frequently the case that software developers and architects solely concentrate on the traditional software quality features during this phase and only consider security aspects rather peripherally, or even leave this until the security analysis stage after completion. The result of this is often security that is subsequently imposed, which is difficult to get to grips with.

Our offer of a security architecture workshop can help with this. Experienced software developers will sit down with your architects to ensure that “security by design” is achieved, among other things by relying on

  • Data backup concepts

  • Input and output validation

  • Trust boundaries

  • Secure design patterns

  • Security libraries

  • Secure coding guidelines

  • and by tapping the “out-of-the-box standard programs” that provide the respective programming framework in their own way.