Anti-Phishing Training

One of the most important basics for lived security is the creation of awareness for threats in IT security. In our IT Security Awareness training, we demonstrate how attackers operate, what motivates them and how easy it can be to do massive damage.

Most of the time, those attacks target the weakest link in a chain. Thus, every employee – from clerk to manager – must pay his part in information security. That is the reason why this training does not only target a specific group of people, but instead focuses on general IT security. Instead of “inflating” exotic cases, real threats in the context of the respective company or sector are explored. Subsequently, we show solution approaches for every attack, with which everyone can protect themselves against the respective threats using simple means or reduce them to an acceptable minimum.

The design of this training is also suitable for running an information stand, e.g. as part of an in-house awareness event. A consultant demonstrates various attacks to interested employees and answers their individual questions.

Due to many years of individual hands-on experience, our trainers provide a high level of credibility when it comes to presenting reality-based threats.


  • Phishing, malware, anti-virus
  • E-mail security, sender spoofing, spear-phishing, website cloning
  • Credential stuffing + passwort brute-force
  • Attacks using known vulnerabilities
  • WLAN hotspot spoofing + MitM attacks

Target Audience

  • Security representatives
  • Decision makers
  • Project managers
  • Managers


2 – 4 hours




Anti-Phishing Training Dr. Benjamin Kellermann
Experienced penetration tester and IT security consultant

Our training courses are aimed at companies and organisations. A training course can be economical with just three or more participants. The trainings take place at your premises or is organised by us in your desired environment.

Anti-Phishing Training

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